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Can Social Media Shame Manufacturers into Sustainability?

Posted By Chris Chiappinelli, November 22, 2011 at 7:02 AM, in Category: Enterprise Software Selection Support Group

In a recent blog I traced the evolution of free speech, which, in centuries past, actually cost a lot to deliver. Only with the emergence of the Internet and social media has free speech become truly free. Lately, consumers and citizens have used these tools to train their voice on corporations, in pursuit of better customer service, improved sustainability practices, etc. Have you experienced pressure to implement sustainability practices from customers and others using social media technologies? How do you repond? If you haven't, do you have a plan to respod?

Written by Chris Chiappinelli

Chris Chiappinelli is the online research manager for Manufacturing Leadership. He covers enterprise software, sustainability, economic trends, workforce issues, and emerging technologies.


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