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Assertiveness at Work - London: Achieve a win win outcome


Price: £1,095 (First Delegate Rate) £985 (Additional Delegate Rate)

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Do you ever feel that your requests get ignored or you feel that you are sometimes taken advantage of in the workplace? Perhaps people misinterpret what you say or mean?

This workshop provides you with some practical tips, which will help you make requests assertively, say no to unreasonable demands, to achieve a win/win outcome.  It will also give you the opportunity to practise these skills in a safe and supportive environment, helping you to improve your self esteem and boost your confidence.

Workshop Objectives

  • To distinguish between assertive, passive and aggressive behaviours
  • To break down the barriers to assertiveness
  • To learn how to communicate assertively, using words, tone and body language.
  • To make requests assertively
  • To say no without feeling guilty
  • To develop your confidence and build your self esteem
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Who will the Workshop benefit?

Anyone who wishes to be more assertive at work.  For those people who find it difficult to handle challenging situations and difficult people.  This course will give you some great tools to deal with every day situations.  It will provide you with the confidence to go back and make requests and say no effectively.


Jean Sutcliffe

Jean specialises in consulting, solutions designing, facilitating and coaching.

Jean spent the last 9 years working for a Learning and Development Company.  During this time, she designed and developed a variety of interactive training programmes in the areas of personal development, people management and leadership.   These programmes were delivered, not only by herself, but by a team of associates, across the UK, North America and Europe.

Her combination of Senior Leadership experience and a clear understanding of organisational and delegate needs, makes her perfect person to create solutions for the individual and results for the business.

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