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AMX Growth Leadership Award

Achieving growth in a slow and mature market is a clear victory.  

Reducing greenhouse gasses and providing clean energy is in demand for the building technologies industry.

Educating European customers on the strong benefits of the state of the art, and flexible automation is just one of the challenges the market faces.

AMX has developed a range of hardware and software products that are scalable to buildings ranging from meeting room to prayer halls. The company regularly educates the end users on the product features and benefits by its focused campaigns.

AMX constantly innovates. The company developed 19 new products in 2011, which in turn generated half of the company’s revenue for 2012. AMX also offer training sessions to customers and partners on products and solutions allowing for excellent quality control into the channel.

AMX has been able to pull in high performance technologies and achieve outstanding growth in the European Building Automation systems market. For these reasons, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2013 Growth Leadership award in the European Building Automation Systems market to AMX. Congratulations on the award!