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CompAir European Product Leadership Award

In the world of industrial equipment, a compressor is a vital to providing high quality compressed air in facilities.

End-users prefer manufacturers who both design and develop compressors that meet the most stringent air purity standards and eliminate the risk of contamination of the product or equipment.

End users also want to reduce their carbon footprint, and using energy efficiently is a big step towards that goal. Many compressors use huge amounts of energy, and the desire for more “green” ways of manufacturing is taking a toll on the industry Our research shows that companies who can manufacture compressors with optimal energy consumption while being cost effective are in high demand in the European market.   

CompAir is the leading global manufacturer of oil-free screw compressors. CompAir's D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor is designed for the sanitary segment, where air purity is critical. Key features of this compressor include a Delcos XL touch screen control system and an advanced packaging design that’s used with every variant of the compressor - fixed speed, regulated speed, air or water cooled.

CompAir estimates that the demand for the company’s oil-free compressor range has increased by around 40 per cent in 2013, since the introduction of the D-Series 2-stage oil-free screw compressor. Positive client feedback is also driving the company’s success. Other consumer benefits include reduced downtime and maintenance costs.

For these reasons, Frost & Sullivan is proud to present the 2013 European Product Leadership Award to CompAir.   Congratulations on the award!